Why You Should Consider Candidates With Criminal Records

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Editor's Note: On April 11th, the White House encouraged employers to sign the Fair Chance Business Pledge, which asks companies to provide a fair chance for people with criminal records to get a job. Options for taking action include banning the box, training staff on making fair hiring decisions, using a reliable background check company, and hosting a fair chance and opportunity job fair.

We asked Rev. Dr. Lawrence VanHook, who leads The New D.R.E.A.M. Program (formally known as Project Open Gate at the College of Alameda), to explain how businesses can help people with criminal records find work. Dr. VanHook runs an admissions program for formerly incarcerated people, which includes job search support. Watch the video for his three tips on hiring from the reentry.



Rev. Dr. Lawrence VanHook

Rev. Dr. Lawrence VanHook


Dr. VanHook leads the College of Alameda's New D.R.E.A.M. admissions program for people who were once incarcerated. He is also lead pastor of The Community Church, an adjunct professor, and a life coach.

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