Skills and Personality Tests: GoodHire, CEB Team Up For Better Hiring

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At GoodHire, our mission is to help build trust in the employment process. We do this through pre-employment screening that checks a candidate’s background, experience, and references.

Over the last few years, we’ve built tools to verify aspects of a candidate’s past: employment history, education, professional licenses, and more.

However, just knowing that a candidate has a relevant diploma is not as valuable as knowing they are skilled enough for a specific job.

This is where skills and personality tests come in.

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Skills And Personality Assessments

Giving candidates a short written test during the interview process can save time, increase the quality of hire, and build trust and confidence. Such tests can systematically ensure that you hire people with the right qualities and abilities for the company and their specific role.

Despite being a highly valuable resource, skills tests are usually used only by large companies with established HR practices. This is because it’s very difficult to develop, administer, and interpret quality tests across multiple departments.

New technologies are now making digital assessments accessible to companies of all sizes.

CEB Leads The Way

Our job is to deliver the best solution for our customers. CEB, the recognized leader in the space, has built an industry leading solution for the largest companies in the world. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we’re partnering with CEB to offer their library of pre-hire assessments to our customers.

CEB, which supports 90% of the Fortune 500, offers a comprehensive repository of high-quality assessments. These tests, developed by scientific leaders and interpreted by trained experts, can help companies understand candidate personality, skills, and risks.

Some of the 1,000+ tests included in the CEB product include:

  • Skills assessments to test specific skills required for the job: language/communication, software usage, mathematics/analytical thinking, and so on.
  • Job category assessments to test for the skills and aptitudes relevant for various job categories like sales agent, customer support, technical support / IT, manager and so on.
  • Industry assessments that dive into the details of specific industries, which might have specific requirements: healthcare, financial services, IT, consumer brands, and so on.
  • Personality assessments to gauge company and role fit and understand possible risk factors using a culture and personality assessment.

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Other Assessment Platforms For Hiring

CEB Global is the well-established leader, but there are also new emerging companies that offer a very valuable service in this area. We are considering these companies for future integration:

Criteria Corp for small and mid-sized businesses. In our research, we also spoke with Criteria Corp, which offers very compelling solutions for companies with under 5,000 employees. We haven’t officially launched a partnership with Criteria, but we think it might be a great fit for most of our customers. We’re even considering using this in our own internal company hiring.

HackerRank for software and IT hiring. Among job-specific assessment platforms, HackerRank is well-known for software developer evaluation. Even if you’re not a technology company, there is a good chance that you’ll have to hire at least a few “hackers” to navigate the ever-growing IT needs of modern business. If you don’t already have good software developers to evaluate the new hire, judging skills can be quite difficult. This is why HackerRank exists.

As with all GoodHire features, we’ll start releasing the feature to interested customers through beta programs. If you’re interested in participating in the assessment beta program, let us know at

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Max Wesman

Max Wesman


Max Wesman leads all aspects of GoodHire services, from strategy to product development and design, to legal compliance, to customer support. Before joining GoodHire, he launched enterprise and small business software solutions for Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft.

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